Rummage Sale

SHF is having a  "SALE OF SALES".  What does that mean?  Well, we’re cleaning up the church basement and the school classrooms...and offering for a nominal price, some of the items that are no longer being used, such as desks, chairs, other furniture and much, much more.
Sale Times:
Saturday, August 19th—8:30am to 6pm
Sunday, August 20th—8am to 1pm
So, join us next weekend. You just might find the perfect SHF memorabilia!!!


The following days and times we will need at least 7 volunteers to help cover each shift for the rummage sale. 

Saturday, August 19th  


Sunday, August 20th

1pm-???  Clean up

Please let us know your availability by emailing or calling Chris Luzecky at or 314/560-3539.

Thank you!
Genie Swanston
Chris Luzecky