Intrducing the new FORMED
                                                          The Catholic Faith.  On Demand. 
Seven Holy Founders Parish has recently subscribed to FORMED (The Catholic Faith. On Demand.)  Please follow the steps listed below to sign-up FREE in order to join. Follow the steps listed under “Want to create a new FORMED account with your parish or group?"  It’s a wonderful way to keep in touch with your faith all of the time, but especially during this COVID-19 crisis.  More info will follow later regarding how we as individuals and as a parish can use FORMED to share and grow in our faith.

Already Have a FORMED Account                 Want ro create a new FORMED account with your parish or                                                                                  group?
1. Visit                                        1.  Visit
2. Check Sign in                                              2.  Check Sign Up
3. Enter your email                                        3.  Select "I belong to a Parish or Organization"
4. Check the link in your email                     4.  Find your parish by name or zip
5. Youre in!  No more passwords!                5.  Enter your email- and you're in!

Some of you have already signed up for FORMED.  NOTE:  After you have created your account by signing up, just remember that every time you SiGN iN in the future, you will need to check "I belong to a Parish or Organization" before you start watching.  Otherwise , you will be treated as an individual and have to pay for to view many of the new programs.  As a member of Seven Holy Founders parish, you will only have to pay if you choose to view the new program "The Search."  Viewing all of the other programs IS FREE for you, having been paid for by our parish subscription.

FORMED is a free resource for all SHF parishioners.  It offers over 4,000 videos, educational programs, and eBooks covering a wide range of faith topics.  Sacraments and saints. Scripture and evangelization.  Popes and prayer.  The topics available are so vast it can be a little overwhelming.  So, to help all of us navigate through FORMED, we will offer regular suggestions and reviews.     

If you have found an interesting resource on FORMED, please send your thoughts and recommendations to  While we can’t meet personally, let’s start a parish-wide conversation about the resources on FORMED!  We’d love to know what you think!  Thanks for your input!  Happy Viewing!