40 days for Life/Forest Park & Boyle

40 Days for Life—Sept 22 to Oct 31, 2021 You Can Help Save Lives! The “40 Days for Life” campaign begins Wed., Sept. 22nd and goes through Sun, Oct 31st. It occurs in our city, in cities nationwide and in other countries, for a massive coordinated pro-life effort to end abortion. Our efforts begin with prayer and fasting. The most visible part of the campaign is the peaceful prayer vigil outside the Planned Parenthood abortion facility at 4251 Forest Park Ave every day for 40 days. Our parish is covering there from 7 am to 1 pm on Friday, Oct 22nd. Consider being a Prayer Volunteer at Planned Parenthood. Perhaps come before you go to work, or during your lunch hour, while your children are at school or bring them! Call or text Karen Palazzola at 314-805-5047. Tell her: 1.) “My Name is_________.” 2) “I can pray at Planned Parenthood on Fri Oct 22 at these times_________.” Please let her know by Sun., Oct 10th. Karen will contact you and will let you know the exact hour you are scheduled. For more information visit: www.coalitionforlifestl.com/40-days-for-life/ Let us say "Yes" to life and not death. Let us say "Yes" to freedom and not enslavement to the many idols of our time. In a word, let us say "Yes" to the God who is love, life and freedom, and who never disappoints. Pope Francis