Notes from Our Pastor

October 17, 2021


Dear Parishioners: It was a blessing to have Fr. Joseph Lugalmabi with us last weekend. It is exciting to be at the start of a relationship with St. Charles Lwanga Parish and Our Lady of the Rosary School in the Masaka Diocese in Southern Uganda. Initially I will be asking the leaders of our Strengthen Your Brothers group to give leadership in forming this relationship. I know that our parish will grow in the knowledge that we are part of a universal church. Pray that the Holy Spirit helps us grow in faith through this new relationship!

I want to express my gratitude for the Men’s ACTS team. A few Saturdays ago, they took on painting the main corridor of the school building as a service project. Their efforts have made the building a more inviting place for our more than seventy Parish School of Religion students and their catechists as they gather on Monday evenings!

I ask the men of our parish to consider joining the team on the Men’s ACTS retreat from Thursday evening, December 2nd to Sunday, December 5th. Really, I ask that you do more than consider it. Pray! Ask the Holy Spirit to draw you into a closer relationship with Jesus and His living body, the Church. Perhaps the retreat will be the beginning of that new growth for you!

And . . . thanks to the maintenance committee for all the projects that are making our facilities safer and more attractive. From refinishing the front steps of school, replacing railings to painting classrooms, renewing the carpet in some of the classrooms, and replacing torn shades with new and more energy efficient ones, the school building is getting needed attention. Thank you for your generosity in supporting these projects!   
In Christ,
Fr. John


October 10, 2021

Dear parishioners:

Thank you to all who attended the “State of the Parish” meeting two weeks ago and to all who were interested but were unable to attend because of other commitments. Thank you to those who did the planning on every level. The atmosphere, food, presentations and the camaraderie were truly a gift! I am happy to share some of the information that was addressed at the meeting.

John Fechter gave a wonderful presentation on the relationship that our Strengthen Your Brothers group has formed with Fr. Joseph Lugalmabi and St. Charles Lwanga Parish and Our Lady of the Rosary School in the diocese of Masaka in Southern Uganda. As I wrote in last week’s bulletin and John explained at the meeting, we hope to build on that relationship. We are honored to have Fr. Joseph with us this weekend. Thank you, SYB men, for leading us to grow in understanding our relationship with the universal church!

Some of you are aware that the Archdiocese is beginning a Strategic Planning
Process that will involve every parish, school, office and ministry. The Priests of the archdiocese were invited to an introductory meeting Friday, October 8th, and two parish Council members attended a meeting for parish leaders on Saturday the 9th. So, by the time you read this, we will have a little better idea of what the planning will entail. I ask that we keep open minded, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide the church of St. Louis as we make this journey together.

Perhaps we could echo these words we pray in the First Eucharistic Prayer for various needs and occasions! “Renew the Church of St. Louis by the light of the Gospel. Strengthen the bonds of unity between the faithful and their pastors, that together with Francis our pope and Mitchell our bishop . . .
that in a world torn by strife, your people may shine forth as a sign of unity and peace.”

In Christ,
Fr. John


October 3, 2021

Dear Parishioners:

It was a blessing that many of you were able to attend the annual “State of the Parish” meeting
last Sunday. Thank you for taking the time to gather with fellow parishioners. It is a great
blessing to celebrate the gifts of time, talent and treasure that you so generously share. It is
also important that we take time to update you on the parish’s stewardship of your gifts!

One of the presentations at the meeting was on a new relationship that we hope to build with
St. Charles Lwanga Parish and Our Lady of the Rosary School in the Masaka Diocese in Southern
Uganda. Although this will be a new relationship for the parish, it is not for our men’s
Strengthen Your Brothers group.

A few years ago, SYB members met Fr. Joseph Lugalmabi when he was a seminarian studying at
Kenrickā€Glennon Seminary. Since he has been ordained, SYB has reached out in support of his
mission. Last year, for example, they raised enough money to buy uniforms for all 516 children
in Our Lady of the Rosary School. Fr. Joe has explained that not only are they school uniforms,
but for most of the children in an impoverished area of the world, they are their “Sunday best”!

After some discussion with SYB members and the Parish Council, we have decided to continue
to build on the relationship that SYB has begun with St. Charles Lwanga Parish, and most
especially, Our Lady of the Rosary School.
This is a unique opportunity for us to keep our eyes open to the needs of the universal church.

A blessing for us! Fr. Joseph will be with us on the weekend of October 9th and 10th! Thanks to
our SYB leadership who has begun this relationship and are willing to help lead us as we
support our sisters and brothers in Uganda.

In Christ,
Fr. John





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