Notes from Our Pastor

December 16, 2018

“The Lord God will make justice and praise spring up before all nations."
                                                                                                 Isaiah 61
Dear parishioners,
Young children sit on Santa's lap to answer the question that consumes them these days:
“What do you want for Christmas?”

The child in each of us still wants stuff like toys and new clothes. But deep inside us we have
more basic needs. We want security, fairness and love. We want something huge for
Christmas. We want peace on earth and justice for the oppressed. We want poverty
eliminated and wars ceased.

Isaiah promises we will not be disappointed. He promises that God will do such wondrous
things, that justice and praise will spring up in every nation. When God is the joy of our soul,
Isaiah says, a robe of salvation clothes us and a mantle of justice enfolds us. When God is
our joy, we feel as rich as royalty, no matter how poor our state.

What does the earth want for Christmas? It wants good news for the poor, healing for the
brokenhearted, liberty for captives, and release for prisoners. The earth wants what God
alone can provide.

What do you want for Christmas? Is it something for you, or something for the earth? Will it
hinder or help the earth to get what it needs?

. . . This Wednesday, December 19th, Fr. Don and I will be available for confession after the
8am Mass until all confessions are heard and at 6:30pm, until all confessions are heard.

Come Lord Jesus, Come!
Fr. John


December 9, 2018

Dear parishioners:
If I were to make one suggestion on how to spiritually prepare for Christmas,
it would be to take the time to read and marvel at the first two chapters
of Matthew and Luke's gospels.

These four chapters, called the "Infancy Narratives", help instill in us a sense of wonder and awe!
What incredible love God has revealed in the incarnation of His Son, Jesus!
The chapters are only eight pages long, but read and reflected upon, have the
power to make your Christmas the Feast of Love it can be!

Hope to see you this Wednesday night, December 12th at 6:30pm for Benediction and Advent Evening
Prayers. A quiet half hour to hear the prophecies of our salvation offer a chance to slow down and reflect.

The following Wednesday, December 19th, the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be available shortly
after the 8am Mass until all are heard, and then again Wednesday evening at 6:30pm until all are heard.

And a reminder . . . Christmas Eve masses will be at
4:00 pm and 11:00pm.
Christmas Day Masses will be at 9:00am and 11:00am.

Come Lord Jesus, Come!
Fr. John


December 2, 2018

“We proclaim your death O Lord and profess your Resurrection, until you come again!”

Dear parishioners:
“Until he comes again!” we live in between two advents. For Christians, that Christ will come again as
sure as His first coming in the Incarnation. We live between two advents. The First Advent
turns our eyes and hearts toward the mystery of God’s presence among us. We remember His coming
as a baby at Bethlehem: angels heralding His birth, Magi coming with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The Second Advent commands us to turn our eyes and hearts towards the Word of God that reveals the
mystery of God’s plan for us and the world. It reminds us that we are just pilgrims here on earth and that our only true home is in the kingdom of heaven!

May these coming weeks not just be for us a frenzied countdown for Christmas, but the memorial of
Christ’s first coming.

May they also be a time of grace where we find a few moments to contemplate the fact Christ will
most assuredly come again to bring us to the kingdom.

For those looking for a quiet time, I invite you to join us on Wednesday, December 5th and 12th as we celebrate with sung Advent Evening Prayers and Benediction.

Remember that you are always welcome to spend quiet time in adoration in the Ursuline Chapel on
the lower floor of the Parish Center. (code: 1406.)
From God who was and is and is to come, grace and peace!

Fr. John






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