Notes from Our Pastor

September 16, 2018

Dear parishioners:
I am happy to welcome Benjamin Franchuk, a second year theologian from the Diocese of
Bismark, North Dakota to Seven Holy Founders. Ben will serve the parish through this school
year. You may have met Ben last weekend as he began his ministry here. Ben will be
present many Sundays during the year. He will minister at the altar and have the opportunity to
join in parish life when time allows. As a second year theologian, Ben will spend a few hours
during the week assisting in the Pastoral Care of the Elderly, Sick and Dying. So he may visit the
homebound, hospitals and nursing homes. I know you will make Ben feel welcome and that his
presence will be a blessing to us.

I also want to give you a bit of an update on T. J. Bauer. He is doing well. He is still discerning
how he is called to serve God. Last spring he decided that it was not only a time to step away
from the seminary, but also to leave here, to settle into a job and find some security while he
discerned. T.J. was so generous in his service here. Pray for him and all who are seeking to
know God's will in their lives!

In Christ,
Fr. John


September 9, 2018

Dear parishioners:
This is the only way I know how to get this message out to all of you. Twice in the past four
months someone has been "phishing" trying to get people to respond to an email in my name.
This is part of a scam that is taking place in our own archdiocese and all over the United States.
The email says that I am asking for your assistance. They ask recipients to buy gift cards and
send them the information on the cards by email or photo. Some of you have received these
requests that are in my name over the last few weeks. They are of course not from me!

I am sorry for any confusion this may have caused any of you. Know that I will never make an
email request from you for money or anything of monetary value.
I wanted to alert you because this is round two of this scam and there may be more to come.

On a more pleasant topic, our Parish School of Religion classes begin this Monday evening. It
was so nice to celebrate Mass and have some ice cream with many of our children and their
parents a few weeks back. If you've not yet registered for classes, you can still do so. Please
contact Jenifer Broyles at or 314-633-0123. Pray that our children
in the PSR and Holy Cross Academy grow closer to God's love in this school year!

Save the date (and more!) Remember our Fall Festival on Sunday, October 7th. Plan on coming,
and if you want to volunteer a few hours of your time, check this bulletin. And of course pray
for beautiful fall weather!

In Christ,
Fr. John   


September 2, 2018

Dear parishioners:
This is a reflection on our first reading from the book of Deuteronomy written by Fr. Paul
Turner, 1st published by Liturgy Training Publications.

If you follow the directions good things will happen. But if you take short cuts or disobey
the rules, you will fail.

When Moses read the statutes and decrees of God before the people, he told them to
follow the directions . . . the statutes of the covenant. If they did, they would enter the
promised land, they would give evidence of their intelligence. And God would remain
close to them.

If the people did not follow the directions, Moses could not promise anything.

Throughout their relationship, God asked Israel only to keep the covenant. When Israel
strayed, God sent prophets to remind the people God never abandoned Israel, but
remained in relationship with them.

Many times we do not follow God's directions. Sometimes we think they are too hard or
they won't give us the results we want. But the commands of God remain firm for a
reason. They bring the best results.

The commands of God are not hard to find or difficult to remember. They are as close
as our Bible and as familiar as friends. They signal God's love for us. They demonstrate
God's desire to be present to us.

When we follow directions, when we bend our will to match God's will, good things will

I pray that we will remain close to the covenant and God's love!

Fr. John


August 26,2018

Dear parishioners:
Last week brought new disturbing information of sexual abuse of children in a grand jury investigation in
Pennsylvania. I apologize for not addressing the issue at last weekend’s Masses. Quite simply, I struggle
with knowing how to respond. I had intended to use this column to reflect on the pain and suffering that
abuse by priests and church leadership has brought to so many victims and their families. At this time I
think that it is important that I share with you Archbishop Carlson's statement on the recent findings.
It is an admission of past failings and the pain that they have caused victims and their families, but also a
statement of a continued commitment to safe guard children and young people in the future.

Also … this reflection...
This is the fifth and final Sunday of reading from the 6th chapter of John's Gospel, focused on Jesus "the
Bread of Life."
I want to share a bit of commentary on today's Gospel written by one of my favorite scripture
commentators, Alice Cammille.

"I wonder myself if I would have stayed: "I am the living bread come down from heaven"? I
might have cheered when Jesus took on the temple authorities; attached myself fervently when the boy's
fever was lifted, and the sick man walked after almost forty years. I would have tried to listen to teaching
about the hour that was coming, and the relationship of the Father and Son. But I might have
reached my limit with the Bread of Life discourse. It seems so wild, so graphic and yet intangible.

Peter's words in this hour are characteristically brave. He says all the right things, he has the right vigor
and certainty; Lord, we are not going anywhere. We are staying put; apart from you there is no life, only
the trickle of days and then darkness.

But Jesus knows there is a devil among the Twelve, and even the most faithful response is
capable of turning into denial.

How would you have responded to Jesus in chapter 6 of John's Gospel? How do you respond now
with your knowledge of the Eucharist?

Think of people you know who were "scandalized by religion," because of ill treatment by church
members, abuse by clergy, hypocritical example . . .pray that as unworthy as we can be at times,
they find strength in Jesus the Bread of Life!

In Christ,
Fr. John







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