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2018-2019 Calendar


August 27                  Family Mass 6:30PM/ Open House

September 3              NO Classes-Labor Day

September 10            Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM

September 17            Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM    Safe Touch Grades 1&2-3,4&5

September 20            Confirmation Parent Meeting 6:30pm SHF PARISH HALL

September 24            Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM    Safe Touch Grades 7&8

October 1                   Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM   2nd Reconciliation Parent Meeting

October 8                   Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM

October 15                 Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM   Rosary in church

October 21                 Confirmation & Communion Rite of Enrollment Mass 11:00AM

October 22                 Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM

October 29                 Class 6:30PM-7:45PM

November 5               Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM    1st Quarter Ends

November 12             Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM    Report Cards go home/Confessions Grades 3-8

November 19             Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM

November 25             Advent Begins

November 26             Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM    Advent Prayer Service

December 3               Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM    1st Reconciliation for 2nd Grade

December 10             Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM

December 17             Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM    Advent MASS

Begin Holiday Break! Have a Merry Christmas!


January 7                 Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM

January 14               Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM

January 21               NO PSR- MLK Holiday

January 28               Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM

February 4               Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM      2nd Quarter Ends/
                               1st Communion Parent Meeting                                                                                 

February 12             Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM      Report Cards Sent home

February 18             NO PSR-President’s Day

February 23           Confirmation Retreat/ 11:00am-3:00pm SHF

February 25             Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM      Stations of the Cross

March 6                   Ash Wednesday

March 11                 Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM     

March 18                 Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM       Confessions Grades 2-8

March 25                 Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM                                                                                      

April 1                      Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM     

April 8                      Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM

April 15                    Class 6:30PM- 7:45Pm     
                               2nd Grade 1st Communion Family Night

April 21                   Easter

April 22                    NO CLASS- EASTER MONDAY

April 23                    Confirmation Practice 6:30PM  SHF Church

April 29                    Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM

April 30                    Confirmation 7:00PM

May 5                     1st Communion @11:00AM

May 6                      Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM      3rd Quarter Ends

May 13                    Class 6:30PM- 7:45PM      Final Report Cards

Classes End! Have a great Summer!!


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